A Festival of Love and Light

On October 12-14th, 2012, we experienced one of the most MAGICAL weekends of our lives at LADC Studios in Los Angeles, CA.

The first annual KNOWPHEST featured amazing and interactive art, music that elevated our vibration, healthy cuisine, permaculture installations, demonstrations of new products and systems for living, and educational talks that helped expand our minds and increase our level of awareness.

The opening night kicked-off  with a Special event honoring Alex & Allyson Grey while David Starfire, Kaminanda rocked the stage and The Shimmy Sisters performed in the background.

Knowphest  was truly a unique experience. It was a brand new type of event that brought together all the elements of human expression into one entertaining, yet educational event. It was truly a "total immersion" experience focused upon navigating earth's present shift to a higher level of consciousness. 

Quoting Knowphest's Facebook fan page; "As we move toward the convergence of the Mayan, Chinese and Egyptian calendars, sweeping changes in science, philosophy, education, media, economics, and spirituality mark a shift that makes one wonder if 2012 might indeed be the “end of the world” as we know it. What is behind the surge of interest in the ancient mysteries? Is today’s technology the birth of a new form of consciousness? Are the rapid changes we are experiencing moving us toward an era of greater health, longevity and sustainability, or passed the point of no return? The presenters, artists and performers of KNOWPHEST have lived lives dedicated to finding the answers to these very questions. The information they will impart will help us navigate this unexplored territory, and to learn what we didn’t know we didn’t know".

We we were deeply honored to play a part in helping expose this one-of-a-kind movement/festival to the community as Co-Producers through public relations, social media and grassroots efforts. Furthermore, we were extremely fortunate to be a part of the Sacred Street Team, a group of enlightened souls destined to help pave the way for a better future.  We were privy to work closely with the co-founders of the event and for having seen first-hand the AMAZING VISION and MISSION behind this movement. 


* Alex & Allison Grey

* Juan Ruiz Naupari

* Raun Kaufman

* Krystal Cole

* Hazel Henderson

* Gregory Wendt

* Ryland Engelhart

* Phineas Newborn III

* Roland Legiardi-Laura

* Alan Howarth

* Dr. Jack Sarfatti

* Mikki & Nadia Willis

Performances by…


* David Starfire

* Kaminanda

* Luminaries

* Makepeace Brothers

* Medicine for the People

* Matty & Avasa Love

* Jennifer Hartswick

* And more to be announced…

Art Exhibits by…

* Alex Grey

* Jetter Green

* Shawn Hocking

* Adelaide Markus

* And many more…

Group Show by:

* Android Jones

* Amanda Sage

* Michael Divine

* Luke Brown

* Adam Scott Miller

* Carey Thompson

* Radhika Hersey

* Michael Tam Wood & Skyfire Performance Art

* and many more…


* LeafyGreen

* The Green Truck

* Raw Bites Happy Food

* Sacred Friends

* A Tear & A Smile Designs

* And many more…

KNOWPHEST is produced and managed by Next Level Consciousness, LLC, a California-based Event Production and Media Firm that promotes and encourages positive self-expression, sustainable business practice, and a shift in education. 

Pictures by CuriousJosh 



11/05/2012 4:03pm

You ever get that feeling when you find out some new knowledge with facts to back it up and then suddenly you go...WOW... didnt know that.. so glad to have found that out, cause it is never too late right!! So I certainly have found a family at KNWPHEST from the tree of life. I realized the perfect truth that the more you know the more you feel you know so little!! yeah, I think at some point we all have felt that way and there is just SO much to learn.. So KNOWPHEST was created by Caleb and Allen, to bring the information to you faster than internet can bring you.. and yes though internet we spread the word! Amazing life changing experiences by Devine individuals are the kind of speakers knowphest presents. We are all true Devine and Knowphest is here to remind us... Namaste


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