We had the distinct privilege of attending the LeaderSync workshop on December 8th, 2012.

Kenneth Schwenker, the founder of Leaders Causing Leaders did an impeccable job of putting together an intimate, touching and thought-provoking workshop. 

Lisa Cianci generously hosted the event  at her magnificent private ranch retreat (Cross Bull Ranch), international healing center, and permaculture eco-village nestled in a sacred ancient oak grove in Topanga Canyon.
We covered topics such as:
  • Healthy eating (eating seasonally/buying locally/ growing your own) .
  • Synchronicity/ Alignment with the world.
  • Corporate greed/ How WE can be the rightful masters of both Congress and the courts.
  • Military industrial complex (how war cost ~ $19.3 million per hour).
  • Natural resources of the world.
  • Media and its power.

The Workshop kicked off with Bill Sterlie leading us into an activity that helped us identify what he referred to as "our superpower" and our "kryptonite" (Hermann Brain Dominance Profile). This assessment tool aimed to measure and describe thinking preferences/differences in people. I highly recommend this activity to any individual or organization looking to gain insight. I had taken The Myers Briggs personality test before, but this was truly an eye-opening type indicator test.

Then Gail McManus gathered us around in a circle to teach us about Non-violent communication and how to effectively verbalize our our feelings, thoughts and core values.

After that powerful and moving activity, we had a short break. During this break Ozra and I had the privilege of helping Lisa Aileen Cianci gather fresh herbs and vegetables from her garden to prepare a delicious organic healthy feast for the group.

After eating our delicious meal, we regrouped to join Kyle Hermans
 (Principal) and his colleague Paul Roberts from a very creative company named Synetics World,. Kyle and Paul fostered some major creativity by encouraging us to push past the barriers of thinking and to break down things to its simple core element. This was truly a breakthrough activity. 

I strongly urge you- if you haven't already, to take a look at The Leaders Causing Leaders website to find out more about Kenneth Schwenker and his mission. We also encourage you to learn more about all of the amazing people mentioned in this post who came together to teach us some invaluable lessons.

e appreciate meeting all of you beings of light and thank you for the lessons learned.



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